IF YOU WANT MY VOTE… It’s Going to Cost You Trash Cans

My name is Henri and I have a voice! Bark Wolf.

My name is Henri and I have a voice! Bark Wolf.

Voters across the nation headed to their polling places to cast ballots on November 4th and I, as a proud American and resident of Chestnut Hill was one of them. I like many others I know, feel they don’t have a voice in our Democracy. Voting is supposedly where citizens have power to help create the change I want to see.

All candidates had a hodgepodge of issues and interests and were competing for the attention of an anxious electorate, with voters set to have their say. I am proud to say I cast my vote for Democrat Tom Wolf for Governor, who was victorious might I add, because we believe in the core issues needed. Here are a few:

To rebuild the middle class and ensure fairness for ALL Pennsylvanians, that includes ME. 
Harnessing natural gas, my friends and I can help.
To implement policies to maintain our clean water and air. I love to drink from Pastorious Park’s pond but doggie doo doo not picked up is stinking up the air. That needs to be fixed ASAP. I think the SPCA would agree.
Most importantly, we speak the same language Wolf Woof. My fellow canines believe Tom will hear what we have to bark about. What do we want to bark about… I’ll yelp it in a minute.

All of the above goals are great. I stand by my choice but I was extremely dismayed when stepping into the ballad box, I realized I was not being represented by any party. My platform doesn’t exist, Canine rights! What am I barking about… trash cans. We have a dreadful crisis in the dog walking community in our beloved Chestnut Hill. There is a vexing absence of trash cans.

This has been bothering me and my pet, I mean owner for a long time. It should be my daily constitutional right for my constitutional to be dispensed of by my owner in this fashion: let me poop, scoop and toss in a timely manner so that we can have a lengthy dignified romp. That is not the case. Most days I have an urgent need to eliminate (poop) a few sniffs out the door at the beginning or our walk. Being law abiding citizens, the poop is scooped with a bag that is then tied closed. We do not defecate and depart my debris, leaving it for someone else to step in or pick up. That is not doggy dignified.

Here’s the rub. Once scooped, my walker must carry the bag of pungent poop for blocks because there is no where to dispense of it. Where are the trash cans? This is mortifying. How is one able to comfortably say howdy neighbor holding a stinky bag? I am a pedigree and find this undignified. I speak for all breads mixed or purebred. This situation has caused my walks to be shortened at times and that is unacceptable. A few walks our behavior has been unbecoming. How so? More than once we have seen a trash can on someones driveway or yard area and discarded said feces in it. We feel horrible doing so. Some folks are kind about allowing us to use their can. We like them and walk by if in the area and necessary. We don’t like doing it. Thursday mornings are the best because it’s trash day. Trash cans galore. Yippee!!

My point is, on behalf of the canine community and most walkers, we feel it is our right to eliminate the elimination in a timely manner and not have to parade our poop while walking. Perhaps a petition is needed by pets for a trash can policy to be initiated. I assume this is a local matter and it would best addressed for discussion at a Chestnut Hill community or board meeting. Perchance one of the elected officials can relate. Nationally, we believe feeding the needy and health care trumps trash cans.

Chestnut Hill is a dog loving town. It’s quaint, clean and the homeowners take great pride in their curb appeal. Let’s keep it that way with fresh air, clean streets and doody free dog walkers. I will contact Councilwoman Cindy Bass – 8th District: The functions of City Council influence a wide range of public affairs in Philadelphia and directly impact the quality of life for its citizenry, which includes dogs. Wolf Woof!


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