Dedicated to Alexia Rees
Inspired by Arensky Trio in D Minor



Your destiny lies in the wind oh Bluest Bird you must begin…

This journey of new life begins
A clean slate bares unknown
Out of the nest to fly or crash
To find and make a home

In darkness there is sin choose light
Begin to test your strength and might
Flap your wings yes flap your wings
Enduring tests in course it brings

The wind yes it does come along
Chaos, power, scary
Sweet Blue Bird your are not alone
Ride out the storm don’t worry

Branches snapping breaking near
Oh who can hear your song?
Frightened heart and soul knows fear
Again you’re not alone

Whipped around upside down
You can’t see through the trees
Look to the light yes there you see
A nest to rests your wary pleas

It’s in this nest safe warm and known
The storm is rolling on
You tweet tweet tweet your song your own
The Bluest Bird that’s ever flown

The sky is gray you venture out
What was that scary storm about?
A lesson testing your resolve
Your gifts don’t doubt oh Bluest Bird

The gray turns bright you flap your wings
Your course Blue Bird you sing, sing, sing
The sweetest tune sounding so true
You are the Bluest of the Blue

Come out to help another bird
You hear a panicked song
A different sound yet understood
It cries it’s all alone

You’re flying through the sky to help
The other birdie by
Flap, flap, flap wings worn and weary
The wind raptures the sky

Time is different you know what’s known
Survive the wind sing while you’re blown
And as you sing you rise in power
Your strength grows strong this is the hour

The greatest lesson you have known
Is Blue Bird your are not alone
Yet greater still a Whisper’s heard
Relax and trust your inner Bird

Stretch out your wings and flap no more
Now’s the time that you shall soar
Soaring to the highest heights
The song you sing is in the flight

You’re destiny lies in the wind Bluest Bird you did begin…

The Bluest Bird.

Anton Arensky – Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor

Inspired by Arensky Trio in D Minor

Inspired by Arensky Trio in D Minor



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