A Lot Has Happened Since Then / My New and Secret Lover…

Follow your heart. It’s who you are.


It’s been a little while since I released the album, and longer still since I started the blog.

Many things happened in the interim.  I’ve made a lot of new friends.  I’ve done a bunch of interviews, and I’ve talked and written of many, many things.  But one thing I haven’t talked about yet is: what I have been up to whilst all this has been going on.

Some things have stayed the same.  But many more have changed.

Some things have been torn down.  Others have been rebuilt.  And some things, some things have been razed to the very earth.

I have been away, I have climbed mountains, and I have returned.  And, as of this week, I have a: New and Secret Lover (who is pictured later on in this post).

Are you ready?  Cos, shit’s about to get reallyreal… 😉

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