Independence, Freedom, and Self-Determination

Notes from An Alien

For thousands of years, most writers have worked alone, then faced the challenge of finding readers.

Indie Authors Image courtesy of Mateusz Stachowski ~

Some, of course, didn’t care if anyone read their work—they’d just had to write it

These days, many folks have the impression that “being a writer” automatically means the person wants to make a living with their authorial efforts.

And, these days, it’s just a bit more likely a writer could make a living with words—if they work awfully hard or happen to catch a genre-wave at the right moment.

If you want some sage information about writers making money, check out the info I reported on in these past posts:

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5 thoughts on “Independence, Freedom, and Self-Determination

    • Now with the hacking. I can’t reblog from my website (on wordpress) which is one of the downsides of not having followers. So I created a BLOG on wordpress. Randomly Ridiculous Writing which I post the same essays, even though they are supposed to be directed to my website but don’t, so I can reach people or reblog BLOG stuff. I hope that’s clear if your still debating security issues. Would you mind telling me what site sent you my latest? THE BETTYS… Thanks


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